Mounting Systems

Shown below are the main types of mountings systems for Palfinger truck mounted forklifts.  Bennett Engineering design, manufacture and supply the mounting kits and also having a fitting service.  Contact us for more information or to discuss specialist solutions.

FAQ - How does the forklift influence the truck / trailer? 

FAQ - What do I specify first, the forklift or the truck?


Beam Mounting

Usually used for the Palfinger F3 series

Weight of the forklift is carried on pull out beams




Chain Mounting

Usually used for the Palfinger CR series

Weight of the forklift is carried on chains



Top Mounting

Used when the forklift cannot be mounted behind the truck or trailer

Forklift needs to be all-wheel drive 



Box Mounting

Standard for Palfinger BM series

Forklift is carried in a transport box under the truck / trailer

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