Concept - Why use a Palfinger Truck Mounted Forklift?

"In about 60 seconds the driver had the forklift off the back and was unloading the lorry"

Self unloading

An inevitable part of any transport operation is that the goods are loaded at one end of the journey and unloaded at the other.  Being able to mechanically self unload offers advantages:

Why not use a crane or tail-lift?

Independence - Self unloading is nothing new with truck mounted cranes and tail-lifts both having long histories.  A truck mounted forklift is quite different in that it can be detached from the carrying vehicle, advantages include:

Flexible - A truck mounted forklift can be used on many different types of vehicle

Reduce costs - For many logistic operations the use of truck mounted forklifts can cut the costs of material handling.



Video - TMF or Tail-lift?



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