Truck Mounted Forklift vs Tail lift and Pallet Truck

Why use a Palfinger truck mounted forklift when a Tail Lift and Pallet truck can also do the job? 

In certain applications and when delivering heavier or oversized pallets the Palfinger TMF offers so much more.  Safely deliver heavy and XL pallets any distance away from the truck, over obstacles (e.g. kerbs), rough ground and soft surfaces. 

Pallet trucks work great when on a smooth flat surface.  However as the weight of the pallet increases and the surface changes it gets increasingly difficult to move the pallet.  This not only restricts where the pallet can be delivered but also increases the chances of personal injury. 

The Palfinger TMF improves driver safety by removing manual handling and working at height problems while offering quicker deliveries and improved levels of customer service

Palfinger - Simply Clever

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