Palfinger - One side unloading made easy

For many deliveries one side unloading can be a prerequisite...

Increase Efficiency - Being able to reach across to the far side of the truck can enable the driver to unload from one side.  Whether in a narrow rural road or busy city street this can avoid having to turn the truck around saving a lot of valuable time   


F3 203 PX - Low Deadweight and easy oneside unloading. Click Here for more information >>

Palfinger offer a number of ways to perform one side unloading within the different models;

F3 range offers a easy and lightweight option by using Palfinger hydraulic reachforks.  Operated using a spool lever the the driver extends the fork to reach the far side of the truck and lift the load.  The fork is then retracted to bring the load to the nearside.

Low deadweight - High lifting capacity to weight ratio. Far lighter than systems using a boom

Safety - Front support legs stabilise the forklift and the load can be postioned within the stability triangle before the forklift being moved 


F3 GTS uses the Palfinger Scissor system for forward reach.  Longer reach than competitve systems allows the Palfinger to use shorter forks being more nimble and a greater lift capacity when lifting from the near side.

Fast and Precise Action - Quicker and easier to use compared to a boom system 

Standard Forks - Suited to handling one way and special Pallets - Click here for video

Reach Forks - Longer reach with a shorter closed fork length - Click here for video


CR range can be fitted with the Palfinger reach forks for one side unloading.  The mast is extended to the front of the wheels and then reachforks extend for total reach across the truck.

Off Road Ability - The CR can tackle the roughest and muddiest delivery sites

High Lift Capacity - Combined with the Palfinger PLS system for stability, the CR can lift heavy loads from the far side of the truck 

Safety - Once the load has been lifted from the far side of the truck the reachforks and the mast can be fully retracted to place the load safely inside the forklift stability triangle for transport.

CR Range - Click Here to watch Video


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