Monday June 24 2024

The Bennett Uniglide Hitch Range - A revolution for tractor pick-up hitches

Click here to see a video of the uniglide operation

The Uniglide Advantage:

  • Slim Design for maximum Ground clearance
  • No Lift Rods
  • Most reliable hitch on the market
  • Virtually maintenance free 
  • Low running costs
  • Long working life
  • Perfect hook vision from the tractor cab
  • Easy operation
  • Unequalled lifting power 

  • Operation - The Uniglide moves in one smooth motion to extend out and down.  First the latch is lifted and then the hitch is extended providing the driver with a perfect hook view.  Powering the ram in the opposite direction lifts and retracts the hitch in the latched position. See Operation >>
  • Reliable - The inner part of the hitch moves on plastic wear pads.  In field tests the hitch has  exceeded 2000 hours operation with little to no signs of wear.  On a test rig the uniglide was put through 6000 cycles and at the end showed little to no signs of wear.  see the test >>
  • Lifting Power  - The smooth Uniglide curve provide the hitch with excellent power to lift and latch even heavy loaded trailers.  
  • Low  running costs - The uniglide is virtually maintenance free and very reliable.  Very few moving parts keep wear to a minimum.  Inexpensive plastic wear pads are designed to be changed after many years of trouble free operation. 

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